The Village Witch Hocus Pocus Box {January}

Today I am back with another wonderful subscription box from The Village Witch. This month’s theme was centered around fresh starts and goal setting.

As always it was packed with goodies and more Witchy items to add to your every growing inventory. The sub boxes are a fantastic way to not only build supplies but to allow those who haven’t much experience feel confident about spell casting.

Primarily focused on Tradtional Witchcraft these boxes ae also made to suit those who follow a more Wiccan path. The TVW team try very hard to make the box as inclusive as possible.

Let me tell you that this box smelt amazing, I could smell it before opening it and once I did it made me hungry, the herbs are so incredibly fresh.

Let’s have a look at the contents shall we?

  • Spell sheet
  • Goals and Bucket List sheet
  • 2019 Small Diary
  • White Dished Candle
  • Fresh Start Aura Spray
  • Achieve Your Goals Powder
  • Light Your Way Incense
  • Fresh Start Oil
  • Kick Up The Arse Floor Wash
  • New Start Cleansing Salts
  • Start Again Magical Sweep Mix
  • Treat Bag

Each of these products is handmade with the best quality ingredients and there is always at least one item which is a limited edition to this box only and will not be found in the shop.

The box itself is priced at £30 and that includes postage and packaging. The contents are always valued well above so it is an absolute bargain. You can subscribe or find out more information here.

I cannot wait to get stuck into this one, it is absolutely perfect for January.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x


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