The Village Witch Hocus Pocus Sub Box (April)

Hey and welcome to another Hocus Pocus sub box reveal. This month the theme was Spring Into Action and it came at the perfect time as I am all about getting productive and getting motivated.

The box was, as usual, full of such glorious products. Most of which are handmade and blessed as they are sent out and made with the best quality ingredients.

Here are the contents of the April box;

  • Handmade & blessed Positivity Build Cleansing Salt (worth £4.00)
  • Handmade & blessed Queen Bee Aura Spray (worth £12.99)
  • Handmade & blessed Listen To Me Powder (worth £5.50)
  • Handmade & blessed Bexz’s Do It Now Oil (worth £5.50) Limited Edition
  • Handmade & blessed Kick Up The Arse Floor Wash (worth £7.99)
  • Handmade & blessed Affirmation Loose Incense (worth £5.99)
  • Make Your Own Mojo Bag (worth (£7.99) – the herb mix supplied is an all rounder herb mix (3 Witches Mix) so it will work with your intent to sway the focus of the bag.
  • Orange spell candle (worth 50p) – Bravery, courage and confidence.
  • Mini Glittery Sign (worth £2.50) – Just a reminder for yourself, you can do this, now spring into action!
  • TVW badge of the month (worth £1.00)
  • Treat Bag (freebie)
Box Total Worth: £53.96 box + £4.00 (UK P&P) = £57.96(International box total worth: £68.96)
You Pay: £26 box + £4.00 (UK P&P) = £30.00 (International pays: £45.00)

As you can see the box recieved is way above it’s paid value. You also get a spell sheet included which has ideas and instructions for sing the products within.

May’s theme is Money and Success so if you want to grab a box before they get sold out then you can do so <here>
Thanks for reading.
Emma-Louise x

It’s A Witchy World.

I’ve shared my story previously but it got deleted somehow so here I am, telling you again about myself.

From a young age I was drawn to Witchcraft, I dabbled in the more stereotypical version of it. Learning from what I can find in books and films such as The Craft which came out in my younger teen years. However, as life got busy I left this path to the side.

A few years ago I decided to revisit it, I have always had a play with tarot and loved herbs and nature so this wasn’t exactly a stretch for me.

I devoured every book I purchased, joined numerous Facebook groups, scoured the Internet. There were a lot of things that I took from my reading but also a lot I felt I was rejecting, and that is where I felt lost.

Everything I read stated that I needed certain tools, circles of protection, to use the elements, moon cycles, days of the week and mostly, some form of pantheon or God to follow.

This for me was a big problem. I felt hemmed in by rules, it felt more like a religion than a adaptation of my life. It didn’t feel natural. I certainly didn’t believe in God and couldn’t bring myself too. Whether that God was Greek, Celtic or Christian.

I started to feel very put off. I couldn’t get my head around some of the stuff. Magic is innate, it is natural. If you want to cast a spell for something why should you have to wait for the right moon phase and day of the week. Surely your intention should just be enough.

It was then that I discovered a blog post titled: I’m A Witch, Not A Wiccan and so I opened it and read it 4-5 times. FINALLY! something I could relate too.

This post described exactly what I was feeling. That in fact I was not a Wiccan. I could practice Witchcraft without following a God, without needing to follow moon phases or use certain colours for certain spells.

Shortly after reading that post I joined the group of the lady who wrote it, Bexz from The Village Witch, and I have never looked back.

I openly celebrate what I am and how I practice my craft. If others want to follow other ways, paths and use alternative methods then that is great for them, but it is not for me.

I cast spells when I feel the need too, at any time of the day and I use whatever I have to hand. I make the most of my surroundings and use whatever a Witch would have used hundreds of years ago when items were scarse and people reused whatever they could. I don’t believe in light and dark magic, there is just magic and any one of us is capable of wielding both. Protective spells can be seen as a Hex which would fall under dark magic, but also as they protect they fall under light. Magic is whatever you feed into it and for me sits squarely in the grey. It’s up to us how we use it.

So if you are reading this post and find yourself questioning where you fit in my advice is this. Follow your instinct and trust your gut. Do what feels right to you, not what is written in a book. You have your own magic inside of you, it’s entirely your choice how you use it.

Emma-Louise x

The Village Witch Hocus Pocus Box {March}

Hey! Welcome to the March Hocus Pocus sub box reveal and what a cracker I have for you today.

I was so excited to be getting this box because it screams at my inner Witch. The theme for this month is Banishment, before you all gasp, it also includes banishing negative energies.

Now as much as there are many a folk who I would like to banish to the little box of doom *cackles* I primarily wanted this box for the banishing of nasty energy.

You may ask, What do ya get? Well I am about to tell you;

  •  Banish Negative Energy Cleansing Salt (worth £4.00)
  • Banish Bad Vibes Aura Spray (worth £12.99)
  • Banish Evil Ink (worth £5.50)
  • Banishing Oil (worth £5.50)
  • Go Away Evil Floor Wash (worth £7.99)
  • Banishing Loose Incense (worth £5.99)
  • Banish A Negative Person Spellvelope (worth (£5.99)
  • Black spell candle (worth 50p)
  • Mini wooden chest (worth £2.50) – think banishing people away into the box… a box of names is very handy.
  • TVW badge of the month (worth £1.00)
  • Treat Bag (freebie)


Now that is a whopping £56 (almost) worth of stuff for only £30, can’t say better that’s a bad deal at all can you?! All of the items included are Handmade and Blessed as well. You will not find any generic oils here my friend.

You also get a handy spell helpsheet with your box but ultimately you are the creator of your spell and we want to see your magic shine!

The theme for April is ‘Spring Into Action’ and the boxes are available from The Village Witch.

I cannot wait to get stuck into this box and I will show you what I did in another post.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

Work Your Magic!

It’s nothing short of miraculous isn’t it, that we exist. Yes, I know the science behind it but still, when you think about how we are here in such a vast wonderful universe, you can’t really tell me that magic doesn’t exist.

I often get those looks followed by questions about magic; Do I know it isn’t real? How come I am not a millionaire if I use magic? etc… yada yada yada.

Let me tell you this now, just because I believe in magic doesn’t make me a complete idiot. I have studied some level of science, I have a master’s degree, I am actively learning all the time. I don’t believe magic and science cannot co-exist because I see daily that they do.

I know that wiggling my nose won’t make something I desire happen. I don’t think flicking a wand around will suddenly rid me of my foes and make me rich beyond my wildest dreams.

What I believe is that our core, our instinct is magic. When a Witch casts a spell, we feed that magic into the spell, we pour our hopes, dreams, desires into that and feed it all the energy we have. When I explained this to my non-Witch partner, I told him to think of it as positive mental attitude. Each spell we have is to feed positive energy into something whether that’s our dreams or into negativity we have received.

We are putting our positive intent into the universe. Even when people use hexes, bindings or curses there is an element of it that usually comes from a good place, to prevent harm, protect someone, put an end to something which is hurtful.
Of course, I know there are Witches out there who do spell cast without that positivity, who intend nothing but hurt but to be fair, you don’t need to be a Witch to experience those sorts of people. Just turn on the news, it’s probably full of them.

I don’t do the whole Wicca Rede, Harm non, 3 x Rule. What I do instead is think about why I am wanting to do something. I won’t act in revenge because I do believe that Karma will have a way of paying me back, I consider those who may also be hurt by anything negative I send out there. There are plenty of people out there who have wronged me at some point but if I respond in the same way, where would it end? Who else would get hurt? It doesn’t take much to realise it isn’t worth it. That I would much rather fill myself with something positive that makes my heart light and puts a smile on my face. I refuse to give arseholes the satisfaction of letting them think they have any sort of hold on me, they don’t.

Magic is universal, we all carry it inside of us whether we are Witches or not. Our very reason of existing is magical. Our soul burns with it. Don’t ever feel that you have nothing to offer, that you are un-special because you are not. You are the very essence of magic.
Emma-Louise x

Focus and Motivation Spell


(Ad) I have been meaning to do this spell since the beginning of the year so I was really excited to finally get to work on it.

I wanted something to work in-line with my goals for the year, which focus mostly on my writing.

I decided doing something to increase my focus and motivation would be a great idea and could be complemented by some of the items I already had.


  • Horehound – Clarity of Mind, Focus
  • Eyebright – Clarity of Mind
  • Rosemary – Focus
  • Mandrake – Enhance Magical Working
  • Honeysuckle – Inspiration
  • Lemongrass – Mental Clarity
  • Yellow Candle – Focus, Motivation, Clarity
  • Concentration and Focus Incense TVW)
  • Achieve Your Goals Powder (TVW)
  • Unlock Your Potentional Oil (TVW)
  • New Ideas Salt (TWV)
  • 3 Witches Herb Mix (TVW) – Magical boost
  • Shells – I added these for clarity as the ocean to me represents clarity.

As always, remember I am not Wiccan and therefore don’t use moon phases, days of the week or specific tools when I cast.

First I mixed all the herbs together and added some of the powder and then followed it by creating a Sigil for focus and motivation.

I then anointed the candle with the oil, along with dabbling it on the paper which I had drawn my Sigil.

I set the herbs, shells and salt mix around the candle with the Sigil underneath. Next to it I put the incense in an oil burner with an eggcup of spare water.

As I put everything together I kept reciting in my head what my intention was and what to wanted to achieve overall. I then lit the candle and the tealight in the oil burner and let them burn down.

After this I burnt the paper with the Sigil in and added the ash to the herb and salt mix I had used then threw it all into the wind to release my spell.

You can find a selection of similarly themed ingredients and quality herbs from The Village Witch.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

The Village Witch Hocus Pocus Box {February}

Ahh February, the month of love, passion and romance. Everywhere you turn it’s in your face. I love Valentine’s day, I always have. Whether I was in a loving relationship or single love is always something to celebrate.

We live in a world that is filled with so much hate. You turn on the tv and it’s all war, crime and murder. It’s good to take a step back and appriciate love for whatever reason. If it’s love for your partner, children, family, friends or yourself.

The February box was themed Love, Self-Love and Banishing Toxic Love.

Banishing Toxic Love is a really important thing to include because sometimes we are either the recipient of unrequited love or the giver of unrequited love and it can be hurtful, painful and sometimes scary.

This months box came with everything you need to inject a little passion into your love life, take time to appriciate yourself or get rid of those toxic feelings attached to love.

So let’s have a look in the box;

  • Treat Bag full of yummy goodies
  • To Love and Be Loved Loved Aura Spray
  • Pump Up The Passion Oil
  • Dove’s Blood Ink
  • Banish Toxic Love Cleansing Salt Mix
  • Love Filled Blessed Homemade incense
  • Love Drawing Floor Wash
  • Oil Burner
  • White Tealight Candle
  • Pink Heart Shaped Tealight Candle
  • White Luminare

Look at how gorgeous the salts and incense are. The Aura Spray is absolutely gorgeous, I’ve been using it daily as it is so fresh.

This month saw a slight change to the way the spell sheet is done. Normally you get a spell written by Bexz however, it often left people wondering how else they can use items and it didn’t really fully explore their magic. The whole point in these boxes was to show people how to use items and let them explore their own magical skills. The new spell sheet teaches you how to write your own spell so you can use the items in ways that really resonate with you on a personal level. Everyone who receives the box can create a spell with their own intent, their own personality and needs.

I love this change, it really gives us a way to full immerse ourselves in the practice of creating our own magic. Bexz is always on hand for help and advice so if you do get stuck then never fear, help is at hand.

The Village Witch sub boxes are priced at £30 which includes your postage and packing. The boxes are always valued well above what you pay so are am absolute bargain. The next box is available until 8th March and it’s theme is Banishment.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

Protection and Return to Sender Spell

Today I am going to share with you my protection and return to sender spell.

As I have said in previous posts, this might not be your way but it works for me. I’m not a Wiccan so I don’t need to include many aspects that a Wiccan would.

Ingredients Used:

  • Mandrake – Protection
  • Sage – Protection
  • Bay leaf – Protection
  • Galangal – Protection
  • Blue Mallow Flowers – Protection
  • Calendula – Protection
  • Yarrow – Removes Hexes, Protection
  • Red Clovers – Removes Hexes, Protection
  • Rose Thorns – Return to sender
  • Crabshell – Return to sender
  • Horehound – Defence against negative magic
  • 3 Witches Incense – Added boost
  • 7 African Powers – Added Boost
  • Practical Magic oil
  • White Candle
  • Purple Candle

I mixed all the dry ingredients together and added some of the power to make a protection and return to sender herb mix.

I created a Sigil which I drew on a piece of paper. On the reverse of the paper I wrote my intent and the people who I wanted to protect. I then rubbed the 7 African Powers powder and Practical Magic oil on the paper and folded it up.

I put the paper under a heatproof plate. I rubbed oil on the candles and stood them on the plate and surrounded them with the herb mix I made.

Once the candles had burnt down I then burnt the piece of paper and added the ash to the herb mix.

I really want this spell to work with gusto hence why I used some magical boosts with it. The remove hex part was just for added protection.

The majority of the ingredients were purchased from The Village Witch, the crab shells were from my local beach.

Thanks for reading:)

Emma-Louise x