Don’t Feed The Negativity, Control Your Power.

Anyone who has seen Harry Potter knows Herminoe’s quote about fear. I don’t know about you but I agree 100% with this.


I even would go so far as to say that thoughts can feed energy, giving them power. Whether this is good or bad. I mean isn’t this essentially what ‘Intent’ is?

There are times when we come across people that are not good people, the narcissist,  the manipulator, the liar, the stalker. But for the purpose of this post I am talking about people we meet online not the people we meet face to face because those would need dealing with in a different way.

I have been part of the active Facebook community for many years and I have seen my fair share of these people. The energy-sucking vampires feeding everyone with their negativity and in some cases utter bullshit. I see many posts across the Witchcraft groups I am part of asking for spells to get rid of these people. People who are online only. I always wonder why?, why do they need a spell.  Maybe it’s just me but when there are people you dislike online surely the best way to get rid of them is the most mundane…simply hit block.

Energy Vampire

Why give these draining people your precious energy? The best thing you can do is stop thinking about them. Stop giving them the power over you. I am good at building barriers between me and people, without having to block them online I can out up a shield and that’s it, to me they no longer exist. I no longer care about what is going in their lives, no longer see what they do and more importantly no longer care. Their actions do not effect me and I do not allow them the power to effect me.

So after my rambling the point I am trying to make is this…

Your energy is better spent on those who deserve it, don’t waste it on someone who will never waste theirs on you.



The Witches Hearth

Hello my fellow Witchy folk!

This is just a little quickie. A few of us have set up a new Facebook group for all our Witchy chats. The group is  all-inclusive and whether you are a Wiccan, Witch,  Pagan or whatever else your path you are more than welcome.

We wanted to create a group where we can all share information and experience judgement free and we have some fab group things planned for the Sabbats.

Please feel free to grab a cuppa and pull up a chair over at The Witches Hearth.


Magic: Under The Influence

For many of us our journey on the Witchcraft path is one of many up’s, down’s and quite often wrong turns.

We can be influenced by the media, music and T.V. I’m sure I won’t be the only one who was inspired by The Craft. There are, however, often people that we encounter who also leave a lasting mark on our magical self.

Over the years I have met so many people. I have had some amazing experiences and some not so pleasant experiences but non-the-less they have all helped shape me. Through these interactions I have learnt who I am. They have enabled me to know what I want, what I believe, where my moral compass lies and more importantly, what I am not.

Our magic is influenced by everything that we are, what we have become is often the result of action and interaction with others. Sometimes they leave a large imprint and other times a small one but every single thing we learn on our journey often is stemmed from someone else.

This doesn’t mean our magic is wrong, or that their magic is wrong. It is unique to us, the individual.

This unique perspective also applies to how we use our magic. Some Witches believe in light and dark types of magic, others believe in the 3-fold law, some, like me, just do whatever they deem necessary. I have never cast a negative spell against anyone, I don’t see a need. There has not been a situation that I cannot take something from to learn and grow. Saying this, I have cast a Return to Sender spell previously but this is protection, not everyone will see it that way but RoS will only activate should someone else cast against me.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met some of the most amazing people. I have a select few I am very close too and trust them wholeheartedly, these people nurture me, they help me grow and I cherish every one of them like they are my family.

I urge you to relish every experience, use it to enhance your inner magic and go forward with a better understanding of how you fit into the world around you.


Witchery by Juliet Diaz {A Review}


I finally finished Witchery by Juliet Diaz and here are my thoughts…

I loved it, every single part of it. It made me question myself and showed me how to love myself and my magic more. I completely connected to it and the way it was written. The rituals, spells etc are extremely helpful and the author explains why she uses what she does and also makes it clear that you should adapt as necessary, stick to your own intent.

I can see me reading this book over and over. It’s so wonderfully insightful and really has taught me to look at things differently.

I feel like this is a book I want to have with me at all times, go read it and then read it again because I know I will get something new and different every single time. It has brought me back down to earth and given me a much needed lift in the magic department.

The first half of the book is about you, getting to know you, getting rid of your demons and really seeing who the core of you is. It takes away all those layers we build around us which block our connection to nature and the world around it.

The second half of the book goes through more pratical motions such as altars, moon phases, rituals, spells and other bits and bobs which are great.

Witchery is a catch of of wonderfully ensightful advice and it is, purely magical.

You can find a copy <here> on Amazon.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

The Village Witch Sub Boxes (May and June)

Hey! So admittedly when I was caving (see previous post) I didn’t write up my review of these wonderful boxes so now I am playing catch up.


This box was all about money drawing, prosperity and banishing debts.

It came with;

  • 7 African Powers Floor Wash
  • Path to Prosperity Aura Spray
  • Money Drawing Oil
  • 7 African Powers Incense
  • Path to Prosperity Cleansing Salt
  • Money Drawing Ink
  • Spellvelope
  • Make your own Keyring set
  • Candle
  • Exclusive badge
  • Treat bag

Money Box


This box was centered around summer, fire, rebirth and igniting passion.

It came with:

  • Summer Solstice Floor Wash
  • Ignite Aura Spray
  • Breath of Fire Oil
  • Precipitado Roja Ink
  • Summer Solstice Cleansing Salt
  • Make your own scented incense cones kit
  • Flower tealight candle
  • Lapis Necklace
  • Exclusive badge
  • Treat Bag

June Summer

Both of these boxes were second to non in terms of quality and price. All items are made exclusively by The Village Witch and many cannot be bought seperately. A lot of hard work, sweat and tears go into these boxes and for the cost of only £30 including shipping (UK) it is amazing value for money. You can find out more information or sign up for boxes <here>.

If you are going to get a Witchy/Pagan/Wiccan style sub box I would highly recommend The Village Witch. Authentically made quality stuff.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

Finding My Inner Witch

I have been pretty absent for the last few months. Life became a little overwhelming and I felt a need to close off, to hibernate, to lock myself away in a cave and hide. This happens occassionally. I use to hate it, feel it was oppressive and depressive but I have actually come to see this time as a way to renew and take stock. I get forced to take a good look at my life and see what parts of it I need to cut back on. Usually this means cutting back on everything and going back to basics and rebuilding the walls and cutting down to the foundations.

I find during this time I do not feel very magical or ‘Witchy’ I don’t really cast spells or work any active magic and then I berate myself for being a bad witch. Which is actually bloody stupid.

In an effort to find my inner witch and bring her out I purchased a book which I had seen and really liked the look of. The book was Witchery by Juliet Diaz. Now to be honest with you I haven’t finished reading it but what I have read so far I have loved every second of. I find her enlightening and it was totally what I needed. Juliet writes in a way that makes you look at your magical self in a different way, to learn to appriciate the little things which may appear mundane but are actually magical. In doing these things I have felt myself lift, I feel I am actively harnessing my magic and using it. It does not need to be some grand gesture with candles and herbs it can be as simple as appriciating sun beams upon a flower.

For a long time I felt a bit stuck on my path. In an effort to avoid the ‘Wiccan’ elements I didn’t get along with I avoided everything termed ‘Wiccan’ and stuck purely to what was deemed to be ‘traditional’ in doing this I restricted myself and took out elements which I very much enjoyed.

I do not celebrate dieties nor believe in Gods.

I do not follow a 3 fold or karmic law

I do not call corners and believe in casting spells on specific days.

I enjoy using herbs

I enjoy using candles

I love Runes and adore Sigil work.

I love the moon in all her glory and yes, I am deciding to add the moon to my spell work.

I love crystals and the energy they give off.

My magic has no colour, it does what I need to it for whatever I purpose I need.

I am not Wiccan

I am not Traditional

I am a Witch. Pure. Simple and to the point.

Learn to question yourself less and love yourself more.


The Village Witch Hocus Pocus Sub Box (April)

Hey and welcome to another Hocus Pocus sub box reveal. This month the theme was Spring Into Action and it came at the perfect time as I am all about getting productive and getting motivated.

The box was, as usual, full of such glorious products. Most of which are handmade and blessed as they are sent out and made with the best quality ingredients.

Here are the contents of the April box;

  • Handmade & blessed Positivity Build Cleansing Salt (worth £4.00)
  • Handmade & blessed Queen Bee Aura Spray (worth £12.99)
  • Handmade & blessed Listen To Me Powder (worth £5.50)
  • Handmade & blessed Bexz’s Do It Now Oil (worth £5.50) Limited Edition
  • Handmade & blessed Kick Up The Arse Floor Wash (worth £7.99)
  • Handmade & blessed Affirmation Loose Incense (worth £5.99)
  • Make Your Own Mojo Bag (worth (£7.99) – the herb mix supplied is an all rounder herb mix (3 Witches Mix) so it will work with your intent to sway the focus of the bag.
  • Orange spell candle (worth 50p) – Bravery, courage and confidence.
  • Mini Glittery Sign (worth £2.50) – Just a reminder for yourself, you can do this, now spring into action!
  • TVW badge of the month (worth £1.00)
  • Treat Bag (freebie)
Box Total Worth: £53.96 box + £4.00 (UK P&P) = £57.96(International box total worth: £68.96)
You Pay: £26 box + £4.00 (UK P&P) = £30.00 (International pays: £45.00)

As you can see the box recieved is way above it’s paid value. You also get a spell sheet included which has ideas and instructions for sing the products within.

May’s theme is Money and Success so if you want to grab a box before they get sold out then you can do so <here>
Thanks for reading.
Emma-Louise x